The Sun’s Axis

Julianna (she’s eight): Daddy, you know how Santa Claus begins giving gifts to some kids before others?

Me: Yeah, Honey, he does. But, it’s October. That doesn’t happen for a few months. But, yes, Christmas Day begins in Australia and Japan first.

J: But, how does a day begin for some people, and for other people, the day starts later?

Me: Well, Honey, the earth spins on its axis. Daytime begins for some people before others.

J: I don’t understand. How can time change? Is NOW different here than somewhere else?

Me: No. Um, well, like I said… the earth rotates on its axis, and then there’s the sun.

J: But, Time starts and goes forward, right? You can’t go back in Time. So, why does Santa give toys to kids in Japan before us?

Me: Uh, a Day is a measure of time. And, the earth spins. There’s an Axis…. Wait.

(Holy CRAP! She’s right. Time. Space. Continuum. Someone help me…)

Me: Well, Einstein said….

J: You lost me.

Me: Yeah, I thought I would. Look, there are Time Zones. And Gravity. And Time. And Black Holes.

J: (blink, blink.)

Me (Jazzing it up!): Science! It’s complicated, Sweety. Love Science!

J: So, do you know what I’m getting before Santa does?

Me: Yeah. Kind of.

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