Isabella (she’s 5): Daddy, how do you spell “Butterfly?”

Me: Well… You know how to spell Butter, right?

Iz: Um… Not really.

Me: Uh, you know how to spell Butt, right.

Iz: Hehehehe…. Butt. Yeaaaah…

Me: Ok, start there…. What do you have?

Iz: Teehee. I don’t want to say. Can I show you?

(She brings me her drawing.)

Me: Yes, Honey. Butt.

Iz: Hahahahaha! You said Butt.

Me: Relax. Now, “Er” and “Fly.” Can you handle that.

Iz: Yes, I can. Is there a fly in your butt? But, why is there a But In Your Butt. Does it fly? Hahahahaha!

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