Family Photo Time

Saturday was Family Photo Day at the girls’ school. For less than a hundred bucks, you get a 15-minute session with a Color photographer and an additional 15-minutes with a Black-and-White photographer. It’s a fundraiser worth every penny.

Mommy will be unhappy with this post…

I could rave about how cute the girls were in their best dresses or how they lit up the camera or how they almost cracked the lenses with their sweetness.

But, seriously, Mommy was the star, totally rocking the stretch pants and boots and blue scarf.

No, You can’t see see the stretch pants. Or the boots. But, trust me: She was Totally rocking. (As you’d imagine.)

The whole the family mug shot…

They clean up well.

Yeah, I know I just embarrassed Mommy. But, the Truth is True. She’s going to yell at me.

Anyone disagree?

3 thoughts on “Family Photo Time

  1. Hey Dolly! Thanks. I meant “coffee mug” shot, ’cause I’m sending it off to get it printed on a four piece coffee mug set.

    And, Bug (if that is your real name), Yeah, the wife’s hot. And, yes, I got yelled at. (And, I suspect, I will be again…)

    Loving all the comments.

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