A Better Support

Flipping through the channels, Isabella (the five-year-old) stops me:

Iz: What’s that?

Me: Um….

TV Narrator: Introducing… The Miraculous GENIE BRA.

Me: Well, I guess it’s one of those… things.

Iz: Wait. What are they for?

Me: Well… I suppose comfort and support. I don’t know how it works. Lifting? Separating?

Iz: Ooo! I want to watch!

Me: You want to watch the chesty women?

Iz: Yeah. I like the colors.

Me: Ok. I’m good with that. If you insist… We’ll watch the chests of women. Please quit twisting my arm.

Isabella loses interest after about five minutes. Which is well before I lose such interest.

Iz: I like the colors.

Me: They’re called “pastels.” They’re new.

Uh-Oh. A Women’s Zumba infomercial is next. I’d hate for Isabella to take interest and want to see that. But, I can’t quite find the remote. Where is that thing?… Dang.

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