What’s Gnocchi? (Mar 9, 2012)

Facing off against five-year-old Isabella… (And captured on video for those doubters):

Me: Do you want gnocchi for dinner?

Iz: No! Waaaaaaahhh!

Me: No?… Really?

Iz: Yes, because then you’ll know what I want!

Me: Hmm, So… You want gnocchi. But, No, you don’t want me to know that you want gnocchi.

Iz: Noooooo! Wahhhh! Yes! I don’t want gnocchi! But I do! I do want it! Waaaahhhhhh!

Me: You want it, but you won’t tell me you want it… What if I put the gnocchi in the fridge for later?

Iz: If I can have it tomorrow? Ok! As long as I can have it now and you don’t know about tomorrow. 

That’s the last ten minutes of my life. Funny “ha ha” for you. Not so much for me. And, the night is still so young.

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