Bart Simpson

The girls are watching “The Simpsons Movie” from a few years ago. (Yeah, I know, terrible parenting.)

You may recall the scene where Bart is skate-boarding in the nude, and various fences and birds and bouncing balls and passersby cover his “specific” nakedness. Then, there’s about a five-second span where “Bart Junior” makes an appearance.

Julianna (she’s 8): Hahahahaha! He’s naked!!

Isabella (5): Yeah! Show it again! Show it again!

Me: No, Honey. It’s funny, but let’s keeps going.

J: No, Daddy! Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

Iz: Repeat!

Me: Ok. I guess it’s natural. I guess.

I rewind a bit, and replay the scene.

J: Hahaha! That’s sooo funny.

Me: Well, not really THAT funny.

Iz: But, Daddy… You get to see one of those every day!

Me: I “get” to see? Not how I’d phrase it.

Like I said. Terrible parenting.

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