Isabella (she’s now six) is playing: Name That Animal!

She’s on the floor, pretending…

Iz: Roar! Roar! … I’m a lion. Daddy, what am I?

Me: Ok, you’re a lion.

Iz, referring to her sister: Julianna (she’s 8) is a seal! Say she’s a seal! Arf! Arf!

Me: Yes, she’s a seal.

Iz: Daddy, you’re a snake. Say you’re a snake.

Me: I’m a Ssssssssssnake.

Iz: And Mommy is a cow. Say she’s a cow.

Me: Ok. Umm. Honey, let me explain something to you. Nothing Good has ever come from a man calling a woman “a cow.” Never in the history of time. Especially, not his wife. So, yeah… No.

Mommy looks over, and nods an approval.

Iz: Ok… Mommy is a dog. Say she’s a dog!

Me: Along the same lines, let me explain something to you…

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