Dancing Queen

I witnessed the most remarkable modern dance performance, ever, masquerading as the “Weather Report” from last night’s 11 O’clock News broadcast….

The weather-caster/ballerina flitted across my Hi-Def screen, her arms wildly, sexily gesticulating, and her girlie giggle abounded. She twirled around, her almost-mid-thigh dress lifted flirtingly into the air. A high-pressure area was building, she said. Tell me about it.

I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. But…

After her “weather-cast,” all I wanted was to do was to flip over to the old guy named “Fritz” on Channel 4 to hear if I need to wear a jacket tomorrow. Turns out: Yes, I do.

Because an old guy named “Fritz” is going to give it to you straight.


I know that Television prefers beautiful people. And, yes, I know that women often, often, very often find great difficulty in being taken seriously in the workplace.

But, of all the beautiful, serious-minded women that I know (and, I know a lot of them), exactly NONE of them finds it necessary to wear extremely low-cut, clingy clothes (in the clichéd areas) and slather their bodies in oils that, in the wild, would threaten coastal marine wildlife.

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