Magic Mountain

Normally, professionally, and genetically, we are a Disneyland-type of family. The Happiest Place on Earth. Umm… Heck, Yeah!

But… The deal offered by one of LA’s other major amusement parks, Magic Mountain, was too good to pass up… (Really cheap! No blackout dates! Free parking!)

Since it’s only 20 minutes away, we buy yearly passes.

After considering the frigid January weather (the high was only about 71), we head out for an afternoon of amusement.

Isabella, she’s only six, is too small for the “Viper Fly” and the “Batman Ride” and the “Lex Luthor Drop of Doom.”

Finally, we find “The Ninja,” a middle-of-the-road roller-coaster that will accept slightly lower humans.

Iz: Daddy! Daddy! (almost with Jazz Hands) The Ninja!

Now, during the summer, there is probably a 60 minute wait. In January, it’s barely 30 seconds.

We load in. Strap down. And… GO!

When we’re done, we realize there’s no one waiting for the next ride. Lynn (the Fun Time’s resident Mommy), asks the attendant if we can just stay and go again.



By about the fifth additional pass, I’ve pretty much reached my limit of Ninajness. Then, the attendant asks the girls: “How many times have you ridden?”

In stereo, Julianna and Isabella enthusiastically proclaim: “Six!”

Attendant: “Well, you know, the record is 14.”

Now, any of you who know my lovely and brilliant wife will know that she didn’t register that as information. No. This was a Challenge.

“We’re only NINE away from the record! It’s great to have goals!”

Goals? It an amusement park… Oh, God. We’re on a mission.

By about the eighth pass, I’m pretty sure I ruptured my spleen. By the tenth, I think I chipped a tooth. By the 13th, I briefly lost consciousness. All the time, Mommy is yelling “Woooo Hoooo!”

At long last, we make our 15th and record-setting ride. Thank God, it’s over.

Mommy: “We don’t want to just win by one, do we?! One. More. Time! Woo Hoo!”

The new record for The Ninja at Magic Mountain is 16 consecutive passes. And, I was there for every single gut-busting one of them.

There were no badges or certificates, in case you were wondering.

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