Breaking the Law

Through no fault of my own, this morning I find myself cuddling a 6-year-old while an 8-year-old is purring on my back. It’s part of what we call “Snuggle Mondays.”

But, it’s after 7am, and we have to fully wake up.

Me: Girls… Gotta gettie up now…. Gotta go to school.

Julianna (the 8-year-old): No, Daddy. Why?

Me: Because, I’m looking forward to hauling children across the city, and through the traffic, with the kids bickering in the back seat, with my blood pressure rising, and to yet another 12-hour work day. That’s why. I LOVE Mondays. GOD! I love them!

Isabella (6): But, Daddy. You have to keep snuggling. If we don’t keep snuggling, it will be illegal.

Me: Illegal? Wow. Really?… I’m OK with that.


Dear Mr. Boss Man:
In order to comply with Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations, I will likely be late.

Thank you for understanding,

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