Naughty and Nice

Overheard the other day: Mommy and Isabella (the 6-year-old) are in a deep discussion. I wasn’t really listening. But, this caught my ear…

Mommy: blah, blah, blah.

Iz: How do you know that?

Mommy: Sweety, I know EVERYTHING.

Iz: No you don’t. You don’t know everything.

Mommy (matter-of-factly): Yes… I do.

Iz: You don’t know everything!… You’re not SANTA.

Mommy: Well … Um… Honey… Actually….

Turns out, Mommy does, in fact, know everything.

(P.S. Mommy, the diplomat, didn’t quite burst the bubble. But, she does, in fact, know everything. Don’t screw with her.)

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