Empire State

Our second full day in New York. The Weather Channel says that thunderstorms will hold off until 6pm. So, the Empire State Building sounds like a great choice at noon.

On the homefront, things take a while to get rolling, what with two little girls. Breakfast and all.

And, Mommy is rehearsing at Carnegie Hall, so let’s wait a couple minutes..

By the time Mommy gets back from rehearsal, we are ready to go. The Weather Service issues a caution for afternoon thunderstorms. But, it’s still a couple hours away.

I keep checking. But, we’re Ok. So, we set out.

Then, a flash flood warning…


Yeah, turns out, the Weather Channel was wrong. Wrong. 2 o’clock. Not 6 o’clock.

But, it’s too late. We’re Accidental Umbrella-istas.:


Now, Mommy and I grew up on the east coast (Hell, I born in Jersey.) So, we know a downpour. So, I know a thing or two about downpours. But, let me tell my germ-a-phobe friends about life: Walking through a New York City intersection ankle deep in…. stuff. YouDontWannaKnow.

Still… We finally made it to the Empire State Building. Yay for us!

The lovely lady told us that the observation deck was still open. But, you can’t see anything because of overcast. 40 dollars per person, please.

Here’s as close as we got…

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