Two Weeks Out

Awesome! Only two weeks after shoulder surgery, I’m playing tennis, shooting hoops, and playing golf. I mean, here’s me pitching in the Baseball Playoffs last night!

D.  Otero.  Dan or Darren, whtaever.  Go A's!

D. Otero. Dan. or Darren, whatever. Typo. Go A’s!

3-up, 3-down. And I saw it all on TV.

Quantum physics rocks.

Because living with your arm in a sling, and typing with one hand is, what’s the word…. Awesome!

(Doing better, by the way.)

3 thoughts on “Two Weeks Out

  1. LOL. I actually went to my blog to see if there was a picture of me in the sling – but apparently I had too much pride to post any. So sorry you’re going to have to miss out 🙂

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