Pillow Talk

You know how sometimes, your 7-year-old has a nightmare and she calls out for Mommy? But, Mommy is already asleep and you are left alone watching a Law and Order repeat from 15 years ago? So you call: What do you need, Honey?

The answer: I need Mommy.

You: Daddy won’t do?

Her: I need Mommy.

So, you turn off the TV and go to her room.

You: Can I snuggle?

Her (she’s 7): Ok, but I want Mommy.

You: Well, I’m me. Is that Ok?

Her: Yes. Snuggle, please.

So, you get into the bed, and the first thing you think is: This pillow is for shit! It’s like a cross between a Titanic life vest and a meteorite. Only, less comfortable.

You: Ok. Do you want me to sleep with you all night? Because, I need to sleep on Poppy Pony or Fuzzy Wuzzy or Duck Duck or some other soft critter.

She grabs your arm and wraps it around her,

Her: Zzzzzz. Yes. Zzzzzz.

So, you do. All night. On a Pillow Pet. She slept solidly. All night long.

And now you have a new appreciation for Dolphin Doll.

See? Sometimes Daddies are just as good as Mommies.

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