Playlist Mayhem

I’m very proud of the musical playlist that I have put together so that my daughters can earn a respect for classic rock songs from pre-Gaga days. And, I encourage them to talk about these songs.

“Every Breath You Take” comes on.

Julianna: Daddy, what is this song about?

Me: Well, there’s a boy who really likes a girl, and he is basically stalking her.

I have said too much.

J: What’s stalking?

Me: Crap. Well, he wants to watch her all the time. And everything she does.

“Every move you make.
Every breath you take.
I’ll be watching you…”

J: That’s like really creepy

Isabella (she’s 7): Like in the bathroom?

Me: Um…

J: That’s super creepy.

Me: Yeah, well… Maybe we should skip to the next song. [click.]

Iz (again, she’s 7): Daddy, what is a “very kinky girl?”


Iz: And, why would you not take her home to your mother?


I’m rethinking my whole philosophy that Rock and Roll should never be age-appropriate.

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