Inching Closer to “The Talk”

This time, it was seven-year-old Julianna instead of her younger sister. On the drive to the grocery store:

J: Daddy, before I was born, I grew in Mommy’s belly, right?
Me: Yes, Sweety.
J: But, before I began to grow, I was already in there, right?
Me: Um…. Yes, in a sense.
J: Well, what made me begin to grow? Was it food? Did Mommy eat something?…
Me: Well, not exactly. You see…
J: Well, but… How do babies begin to grow in their mommy’s belly.
Me: That’s a great and complicated question. But… Ooo, look. We are at the supermarket. Who wants to get in the Race Car Shopping Cart?!
J: Me!!!!!!

I’m not trying to avoid the discussion. It’s just not a discussion I want to have in the parking lot of a Ralphs.

(By the way, I didn’t need to pick up any chicken at the market… There was already a huge one driving the car. Bwaaak!)

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