50 Shades

I have been dragged (once again) into dealing with my daughters’ annual school fundraiser auction. It is my database design and my wife’s organizing skills and both of our countless hours of pain.

But, some family has just donated a “50 Shades of Grey” gift basket. Bondage. These people do this for a living. Seriously. This is LA. And, best of all… They donated it to the Kindergarten class’s movie-night Basket.

I kid you not.

It contains, no-joking: a riding crop, hand-cuffs, and a “leather slapper” (yeah, I don’t know what that is either…) The basket is actually worth about $500. It’s a donation. There are batteries involved. I’m making no judgements. No judgements at all… Hell, I’ll be bidding….

But, among the people behind the school auction, this is the one item destined to get the highest bid. This is LA, after all.

Funny… guess who had to enter that into the database? Hint: Not me….

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