Won’t You Take Me To…

One of the perks of making it to 10 is that we are allowing Julianna to sit in the front seat of the car. And, of course she is giddy with wanting to play with the radio.

She is getting tired of my dino rock song stations (so am I, by the way.) She clicks around, landing on the Oldies station.

J: See, Daddy! This is the kind of song that kids like to listen to today. It’s cooool!

Me: Really, Honey. Kids today? This song?

J: This is awesome!

Me: Sweetie, the song is “Funkytown” from about 1980. And, it is regarded as the worst song in the history of pop music.

J: How do you know it’s so bad?

Me: Because I have discerning tastes in music.

J: Yeah, they’re really concerning.

Me: “Discerning.” It’s a different word. Please change the station.

(click) to the Adult Contemporary station.

Me: Oh My God! You must be some kind of Evil Genius! You have just found the SECOND worst song in the history of pop music!

And I ran.
I ran so far away.
I just ran.
I ran all night and day….

J: Well, did you ever like these songs when you were a kid?

Me: Um… Well… Uh…

Maybe the word is “concerning.”

I couldn’t get away.

[Editor’s note: There are lots of worst songs in history. What’s yours?]

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