Out of Stock

Vegan friends, please turn away…

Heading in to Gymnastics with Isabella (she’s 8)…

Then, out of nowhere:

Iz: Daddy, how many types of stalkers are there?

Me: Um… Wait, what? You mean, like celery stalks.

Iz: No. Like people who follow you and know everything about you.

Me: I… Uh… (Damn Hollywood!) Don’t know what to sa…..

Iz: Then, there are the people who stack food and stuff at the grocery store.

Me (breathing a sigh of relief): Oh… STOCKERS! Not Stalkers! Stockers. 2nd Grade English. Too funny!

Iz: Shouldn’t the grocery store people really be called Stackers? Because, that’s what they do.

Me: Well, Darling. Stuff that is ready to go on a shelf is called “stock.” So, people who put things on the shelf are called stockers. They keep everything neat and clean on the aisles.

Me: And, the cows that become beef for our hamburgers are called LiveStock.

Iz: So, shouldn’t they be called DeadStock? Because, they are dead. And, we eat them and all. How does that happen?

Me: Um… You were talking about Stalkers.

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