Blue-Haired Lady

Julianna (the blonde, blue-eyed 10-year-old) is admiring a woman’s dye job.

J: Daddy, when I get older, I want to have blue hair.

Me: Um… Why is that, Honey?

J: Because, I think it’s cool.

Me: I don’t think that’s a good idea at all.

Here comes my rant.

In LA, I routinely see people that have dyed their hair blue, tattooed their faces, or had various surgical “enhancements” that scream out: Notice me!

So, when I do in fact notice, why is it that so many of these people look at me with that “What are you looking at?” glare? Isn’t that the whole point?

Now, I understand that many people have procedures done to remove “this” or modify “that” so that they don’t stick out and can blend in.

But, I’m talking about people who go out of their way to be noticed. Then I’m the bad guy for noticing.

My wife suggests that these people already want to give me the stink eye and just need an excuse. That seems a bit extreme, but sometimes people do go out of their way to hate on me.

Case in point:

J: You’re ruining my life!

But, that’s just family stuff.

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