Bearly There

Julianna (she’s 10) was sick at school yesterday, so I picked her up early. She’s all sniffly, weezy, coughy. Just like me when I sleep. I kid.

She is clicking around on the radio, and Kelly Clarkson sings, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

She may be sick, but Julianna’s rapid fire brain won’t let up.

J: Dad. That’s so true. Whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

Me: Yeah, Honey. I suppose. That’s an old saying.

J: Because you learn things when bad things happen to you.

Me: Yes, you do. I’m learning some things on this car ride right now. You were saying…

J: Like, if you survive a bear attack, then you’ll probably know what to do the next time you get mugged by a bear.

Me: I’m sorry, did you say “mugged?”

J: Yeah, Mugged. Like if you were going to the store, and on the way there a bear mugged you…

Me: Sweetie, did they give you any “medicine” at school?

J: No. But, we need to be careful the next time we go camping.

Me: I’ll keep an extra eye out at the Yellowstone ATM in the side of a Redwood.

When we got home, she passed out solidly for about 3 hours.

Now, if you will excuse me, there’s a grizzly demanding my wallet. Gotta run (though, they say that you should never run from a bear. I learned that the last time I was mugged by a bear. And, I’m stronger for it.)

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