The Final Frontier

I’m doing my usual roundabout with the TV flipper at the top of the hour to see a) what did I miss and, b) what’s on next. Of course, I land on the Science Channel.

Narrator Mike Rowe: Black Holes are one of the Great Mysteries of the Cosmos, blah blah blah (No offense, Mike, but a 10-year-old is talking)…

Julianna (the aforementioned 10-year-old) suddenly whips around from the Minecraft video game stupor she’s been playing online.

J: Daddy! I love Black Holes! Because people say you can go to another dimension!

Me: Yes, Honey. Lots of theories.

J: But, Daddy! They say that you would be crushed in a Black Hole. And, Time has no meaning! How does that work?

Me: I don’t know, Sweetie. I’ve never been to one. No one has even gotten close.

J: Because they are MILLIONS of “light” years away. I don’t know what that means.

Me: Well, you see, light travels really fast, at like 186,000 miles per second…

J: But, if you got sucked into a Black Hole, you would come out the other side in another Time and another Universe. That is So Cool!

Me: Lots and lots of scientists are thinking about these things. But, no one really knows. Though, I understand that some people don’t ever consider other peoples’ time when they talk.

J: I want to be a star scientist someday! Like an astronomer! To find out the answers!

Me: Great! The next show is about comets. Do you want to watch that?

J: Um, no thanks. Comets are boring. I’m good with Minecraft.

I’m not sure that you can skip Newtonian Physics and go straight to Quantum Physics. But, if you can, Julianna will find a way. After she beats the Creepers.

Mike Rowe, can you Jazz the universe up a little?

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