Teeny Tiny Houses

I was watching one of those “tiny house” shows tonight on HGTV. Because, Tiny Houses is the new hipster thing, I guess. Apparently, at under 200 square feet, having actual floor space is far too limiting to your freedom, bro.

I snark.

And, dammit, if the buyers don’t always complain that “the kitchen is a little tight.” Jesus. Really? Also, there are no granite counter tops or stainless steel appliances. Or, that you have to walk through the bedroom to get to the 3-foot wide x 6-foot long bathroom. And, there’s no oven and the bathroom sink is also the kitchen sink. Oh… And, they were hoping for a fireplace? Seriously. You know what you’re buying, right?

Also… You’re in Wyoming. Not Manhattan. Look out your 6-inch double-paned window… There are wide open spaces where you are. But, please squeeze yourself into a closet on the Plains, if you like. Just don’t complain about it.

Back to the show: That 200 square foot house is too luxurious for our buyers, so, lets look at a 96 square foot home (yes, literally).

But, “It’s kinda small”… Surprise!

The layout is really great, though. It has great flow. The bed/sofa/desk/craft table/dance room/workshop/dinner table/garage/play room/family room/chemistry lab/yoga room is perfect.

“With the loft ceilings, it doesn’t feel as cramped as it should.” As a party place, we could actually entertain someone here. And, by that, I mean one person. Elbow to elbow.

How much does it cost? Depends on how many banks you want to rob, Bonnie and Clyde. Because, it could be free. A prison cell is roomier. (Don’t ask me how I know.)

And yet, the buyers are sooo happy. Yay for them!

Wait… Oh, and now, suddenly they’re pregnant…. Good luck with that. With your 96 square feet.

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