Latitude and Crap

Last week, Isabella was recovering from both a sprained foot (gymnastics!) and a nasty cold. Crutches and Kleenex. X-rays negative. Fun times at the old homestead. No not really.

On the TV was a Republican debate… We ignore it.

Homework requires that she catch up as best she can. In class, they are talking about Latitude and Longitude. Coordinates. Something I understand!

We draw a circle, then some curvy lines.

Iz (she’s 8): It looks like a pumpkin!

A basketball.  With, you know, Billions of people involved.  Go Blue!

A basketball. With, you know, Billions of people involved. Go Blue!

Iz: Wow, is that the earth?

Me: Well, sort of. It’s not complete.

Iz: So the people in Africa are below us?

Holy Crap!! Actual discussion. Up/down… North/South. East/West. Not better/worse. I didn’t think this was going to be an issue.

Me: Well, Sweetie, no one is above or below any other people. No one is better than anyone else. Native Americans. Chinese. Mexicans. Syrians. Everyone is equal.

Iz: But, African people were slaves to white people.

This is an actual conversation. She’s 8. And, I dig deep.

Me: Yes. Some people thought that people from Africa were not as good as white people. Even in America.

Iz: Is it true?

Holy crap. Parenting in the moment. You may disagree, that’s your right.

Me: No Honey. Absolutely not. We believe that all people are born equal. No one is better than anyone else. Some babies may have rich parents, some may have poor ones. Some people have blonde hair, others have brown. It doesn’t matter. Every baby is as good as any other. Boy or Girl. It truly doesn’t matter.

Iz: Yeah, but. Why are there 9 boys and only one girl on the TV at the debate?

Again, I have no answer.

Iz: And, only one is a black man.


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