Ok, it’s not just me. It IS hot in here.

It’s 104º degrees.


Air Conditioner:  Damn, it’s hot!

Me:  Well, that’s why you’re here.

AC:  Hell no, you don’t pay me for this.

Me:  Well, actually…  Yes, I do.  This is the San Fernando Valley, you knew what you were signing on for.

AC:  Nuh uh.  I’ve been on your roof for 15 years.  Keeping you cool.  Keeping you warm.  Cleaning your air from LA smog….  When’s the last time you changed my filters?

Me:  Uhhhhh.  You have filters?

AC:  See!  No respect.

Me:  But…  But… Hot.

AC:  So, you want me to keep you cool today?  I’m busting my ass on your roof.  It’s even hotter up here, by the way.  Fact.

Me:  Well, I didn’t…  I mean…  But…  I thank you for your service…?

AC:  So, no.  Not today.  Not tonight.  Not tomorrow.  I’m out.  Have a good day, dear sir.


So, yeah.  Our air conditioner is out.  But look!   It’s only going to be 93º today.  But the Heat Index says it’ll feel like 92º.  A cooling trend.   So, yay, I guess.

(I am ever the optimist with silver linings around every cloud.)

Also, we have a pool.

Check in with me later, and let’s see if my mood has changed.  I just bought a new thing of deodorant, so that will help.

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