Winners and Losers. But, Mostly Winners.

With all the news out of Washington, all I think about is the Winning. Constant Winning. I am so sick and tired of Winning. Nothing better than Winning, right?

It’s almost as if someone gave me a baseball cap, and instead of a slogan or a logo or a plan, it just said: Winning. I mean, how much Winning can one person take?

The birds are chirping: Winning. The wind blows: Winning. My doorbell rings: Winning. The amount of Winning is Tremendous. Huge amounts of Winning.

The Winning exhausts me. My head is spinning from all the Winning. That rhymes, right? A new slogan… There you go. New slogan. There you go.

But, I mean, who wants to be a Loser? Am I right? No, but folks, we don’t talk about Losers. Because they are all Losers. Nobody talks about them.

I only want to talk about all this Winning we’re doing. Since the beginning, we’ve been Winning. Another new slogan. Rhymes are good. They’re good. They’re good.

And, but, every day sees us continue to Win. Because that is who we are.



I was talking about the LA Dodgers. Best record in Baseball. At least 2 potential Cy Young winners. Rookie of the year by a landslide.

Who did you think I was talking about?

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