Diabetes? Dia Beat Us!

I’ve lost almost 20 pounds over the last 12 weeks. And, I did it with two simple words.

Hang on.

<clickbait> <clickbait> <clickbait>.

Oh yeah:

Stop eating.

Also, when your doctor says words like: Diabetes. Heart Failure. Erectile Dysfunction. These are words that catch your attention.

(I’m still funny, right? Yes? No? The lady in the back is clapping….)

“They” (children, wife) made me buy a dozen donuts the other day from Yum-Yum Donuts. A dozen in Yum-Yum land is 14. Because, math. Hard.

I’m not saying that losing weight is easy. Because, crap, my life is over when I lose my keys. I mean, “Lite” beer is not beer.

2 thoughts on “Diabetes? Dia Beat Us!

  1. 20 pounds is awesome to loose Darren! My new diet plan is to skip dinner, lol! It works pretty well until about 8:00 p.m. and then I’m starving. I have to say, based on your previous post about your wife’s hip, that I don’t think you had E.D. hahahahahahah!

    • Doll… First of all. Leave my wife’s right hip out of this. That’s between her and me. (Also, don’t start a fight with her left hip.) I have said too much. Secondly, I’m fluctuating between 15 and 18 pounds. Yeah, I exaggerated a number or two. I’m a guy, so, yeah, that happens… Thirdly: Please be smart about losing weight. Because, body chemistry can be delicate. Don’t just stop eating (I was making a joke in the blog.) Consult a nutritionist. I am not going to give medical advice. But, doing it wrong can really strain your heat. I meant “heart.” Because, you always bring the heat. I’m doing my weight-loss under the care of a cardiologist.

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