Jury Duty

I have Jury Duty tomorrow.

Loving the idea… It’s what makes America GREAT. Also, I will receive a payment of $15 per day AFTER my first day of service. I can’t wait to feed the family on $15 a day (in the event my jury service goes beyond one day. For three months.)

That first day, though… Sorry, Honey, you’re on your own. Feed the kids: We have Taco Bell coupons.

Plus, my Summons says:

“Do not wear shorts, halter or tank tops, clothing that exposes the midriff….”

I have an awesome tank top that always gets comments, and which also exposes my midriff.

And, I am DEFINITELY NOT ripped…. (But, I suspect you already knew that. Ewwww.)

I’m thinking of wearing it tomorrow…

F the Police!

One thought on “Jury Duty

  1. I just woke up and checked the computer. This is sooooooo funny. I could hardly read it for laughing. You have made my day even though you will be at the courthouse all day. Thank you.

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