Father’s Day

Father’s Day was a couple of days ago. And, while I can’t say that it was the Best Father’s Day Ever (the MAN kept me working in the office for over 10 hours), it was the most recent. And, that makes it special.

I get home from work between dinner and bath time. Mommy and the girls have had a long day of playing and tears and loving and tears. They are now playing Rat-A-Tat-Cat, some crazy card game. Isabella (she’s 5) is losing badly. Julianna (she’s 7) says, “That’s Ok, Isabella, we can play again.”

Mommy steps in. Maybe tomorrow. Right now, it’s bath time.

They lather up. They laugh. They get soap in their eyes. They yell for a towel.

Mommy brushes the knots out of their hair with few complaints.

They cuddle up with me on the sofa and watch Mythbusters.

Julianna: Ooooo! I love the Science show!

Isabella: Yay! Science!

The girls drift off to sleep, and I carry them to bed, one at a time.

It’s getting late. I’m sleepy. I’ve got an early day tomorrow. Gonna be another long day.

So, I say to all my brothers-in-fatherhood out there: Here’s to…


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