300 (not the movie)

Cuddling up with Julianna (the seven-year-old) at bedtime…

J: Daddy, you’re one of my best fathers ever.

Me: One of…? Exactly, how many fathers do you have?

J: Like… Uh, 300!

Me: Really, that’s news to me. And, I’m certain it will be news to Mommy. Seriously. Are you sure?

J: No, I mean… Zero!

Me: Hmmm… No fathers?! Now, I’m no biologist, but how do you figure?

J: Ha Ha. Just kidding. Sing me a lullaby. Then you’ll be the best father ever.

Me: And, if I don’t?

J: Still…. Best… Father… Zzzzzzz.

She still gets a “You Are My Sunshine.”

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