Good Night Mash Up

Last night I pulled off the most musically deft performance of my life.

Lulling the girls to sleep, Julianna (she’s now 8, can you believe it?) and Isabella (5) snuggled up with me. They couldn’t decide on which lullaby I should sing…

Iz: You Are My Sunshine!

J: No! Rockabye Baby!

Sleepy time shouldn’t be so combative. But it often is…

Me: Girls! Please, don’t put me in the middle of this.

Iz: But, Daddy… You ARE in the middle. You’re between us.

Me: By definition, I suppose. Technicalities… Ok, girls, we can do both.

J: You can’t sing two songs at once!

Me: Don’t test me…:

Readers–Read it first, then try to go back and sing it:

You are my sunshine
On the tree top.
When the wind blows.
My only Sunshine.

When skies are grey,
When the bough breaks.
You’ll never know, Dear.
The cradle will fall.

And down will come Baby,
Cradle and all.
Please, don’t take my Sunshine away.
Far more ominous-sounding than I thought. And yet, …

Shockingly, they are both asleep.

I think my brain just dislocated a joint.

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