It’s Pronounced “Bikini”

Mommy and Daddy are watching some mindless TV.

Five year-old Isabella enters: Daddy, can we please go into the pool now? I already got on my two-piece Zucchini.

Daddy is feeling subversive.

Me: No, Honey. That’s not a “Zucchini.” What you are wearing is a “Cucumber.”

Iz: Daaad! Cucumber?!

Me: Yes, people frequently confuse the two since the zucchini and cucumber look so much alike.

Iz: Mommy! This isn’t cucumber, right. It’s a zucchini.

Mommy glances: Sorry, Sweetie. Cucumber. Common Mistake.

Me: Did you remember to close the fridge?

Iz: Mommmmmmmy! Dadddddy!

Me: Ok, go get a towel.

Iz: Yay!

Mommy: And some Ranch dressing.

Isabella doing her best Bigfoot impersonation in her “Zucchini Suit” from our recent camping trip.

By the way, if you haven’t already clicked over to my good friend Gretchen’s blog Second Blooming, I kicked in a guest blog post the other day. Give it a read.

2 thoughts on “It’s Pronounced “Bikini”

  1. Love it! I’m visiting from Gretchen’s, sorry, you let the door open, and really enjoyed your post over there so I thought I’d hop over and check it out. You’ve got great snark! (whoever thought THAT would be considered a compliment?)

  2. You guys are a hoot. My dad was (IS) a lover of the pun and making me crazy. Word of Warning: I tried to disown him in public when I was a teenager. I think by the time I was 25 I had mostly gotten over that & now I appreciate him a LOT.

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