…And so it begins…

Five-year-old Isabella is all about the Female Empowerment of the Olympics. Girls Rule!

Eight-year-old Julianna, though, seems to be developing other tastes…

Julianna: Ooo! The Olympics! What’s on tonight?

Me: Well, there’s women’s diving.

Julianna: No, thanks. Any boys?

Me: Um, no. There’s ladies’ bikini volleyball.

Isabella: Daaaad… It’s called “Beach” volleyball.

Me: Whatever.

Julianna: I’ll pass…

Me: Oh, later there’s the Girls’ tumblers. It’s a big one! You’ll love it!

Julianna (shrug): Well… Let me know if there’s any Boys’ swimming. I want to watch them.


Now, where exactly is my shotgun?

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