Slip Sliding Away

Isabella (she’s five) is taking a shower.

Iz: Daddy, Daddy! I have to go potty!

Me: Aw, man! You didn’t think of that before? You’re in the shower!

Iz: I didn’t know.

I quickly dry her off, she does her thing on the toilet, then back to the shower, shampoo dripping.

A few minutes later…

Iz: Daddy, I’m all rinsed. Ready to get out.

She dries off, puts on a robe, settles down to sleep.

“You are my sunshine…”

Iz: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Daddy finally relaxes. He skips to the “loo.” Has a seat.

Good God! I’m slipping around like crazy. Do I have that much ass sweat? Am I bleeding? Am I dying?

Then I remember… Isabella.

Flush. I towel off. Don’t worry, everything heads to the laundry. With bleach.

It’s all good.

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