Full of It

Ushering the girls off to bed tonight (they share the same room), Julianna (8) wants to voice a complaint against her sister, Isabella (5).

J (whining): Daaad! Isabella always keeps the light on too late.

Iz: No, I don’t!

J: Yes she does, Daddy. She is interfering with my BS!

Me: Uhhh. (blink.)

J (giving a Eureka! finger-point): You know, BS… Beauty Sleep. And, you do NOT want to see me when I don’t have enough of my BS!

Me: Trust me, Honey. I think you’re shoveling plenty of BS right now.

J: But, the light…

Me: Now, go to bed. Lights out please.

Iz: _click_.

Everyone: Good night.

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