Can I Go Now?

Snuggling up with a small child at bedtime, parents always ask several questions: Are you warm? Are you comfortable?… Are you asleep? And…

Can I go now?

Yes, Honey, I love you, but, come on… It’s late. And, I’ve got to be somewhere in the morning. I need my own bed. Seriously.

Please, Go the Hell to sleep.

Tonight, with six-year-old Isabella, Mommy thought she had secured the deal with a 10 o’clock cuddle in the Master bedroom. Mommy then carted Iz away to her own bed.

A few minutes later, Daddy (that’s Me!) hears some whimpering…

Iz (crying): I want to snuggle with you, Daddy.

Me: Ok. Let’s snuggle.

She quickly settles into a deep-breathing pattern. I move to get up.

Iz (somewhat accusatorially): Where are you going?

Me: Um… Just adjusting. “You are my sunshine…”

A few minutes later, there’s a little snore from the child. I make a move to get away.

Iz: Where are you going?

Me: Um… I’m staying here. Why do you ask?

Iz: Snuggle.

Yeah. This is great. Daddy/Daughter Fun Time. But, my damn arm is falling asleep. Pins and needles.

Finally, she begins snoring like a college freshman guy after his first fraternity keg party all-nighter.

Ultimately, I slip away silently. She’s down for the count.

(P.S. No boys. No frats. No kegs. And, No All-Nighters for you, Missy, do you hear me?!)

Can I get a “Whoot-Whoot? …

Or will it be a: “Dream On, Dad?!”

Yeah, many more battles to come.

P.S. By 2am, the same six-year-old somehow found her way into mommy and daddy’s bed, and she managed to wedge herself between them.

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