This Sucks

It’s Super Bowl Sunday.

Lynn (the Fun Time’s resident Mommy) and I are trying to clean up the house before hosting a minor Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl semi-party.

Just a few people. Mostly LA-based Baltimorons. Wait, that didn’t come out right.

Cleaning and straightening up before kick-off, my task is to mop the floors and vacuum the rugs. I grab the handle of the vacuum cleaner and read the directions:

“Empty Every Two Months.”

Hoover, Dude… I haven’t vacuumed in four months. Explain the math to me.

Ok. I’ll empty the cannister. Stop nagging.

It gets more complicated…

The filter says: “Rinse with Water and Dry for at least 24 hours.”

I’ve got four hours.

You’re kidding me, right? Dude, I’ve got two dozen people sitting on the sofa and eating buffalo wings in 45 minutes. You want twenty-four hours? Seriously? Not gonna happen.

The Family Room is ready for a party. A party will happen. A Super Bowl Party!

And, I’m not gloating, or anything. But… Baltimore wins. Boo Ya!

(By the way, no one questioned our rug-grooming.)

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