This may get ugly. There may be language. Apologies in advance. Sorry.

I am writing as things transpire. Basically… in real time. It’s happening NOW. (Pardon the paragraph breaks.)

Yelling now:

Isabella (she’s 6): I’m huuuuungry!!

Mommy: Ok. What do you want?

Iz: Waaaaaaaa. I’m hungryyyyyyyy.

Mommy: I know! What do you want?! Chicken? Pizza? Ham sandwich? Soup?

Julianna (the eight-year-old): Can I have the iPad?

Mommy: The iPad? Seriously? I’m dealing with dinner.

Iz: Waaaaaaah! Oatmeal.

I stick my fingers in my ears. (Literally. Quite literally. Fingers. Ears.)

Iz: No one cares that I hurt myself! On the oatmeal!

Me: Really? Oatmeal?… Boo-Hoo

Iz: My tongue. Too hot,

Me: After five minutes?

Iz: Ummmmm…..

Eventually, things calm down…

We’ve reached the end of the parade.

Iz: Oooo. Is that Sponge Bob?

J: Yay! Sponge Bob!

Both: Daddy, can we watch Sponge Bob?!

Only if I can go to bed…

Them: Ok.

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