Being Brave

The girls and I are watching Pixar’s “Brave.” It’s an absolutely wonderful movie (a little bit scary. But, it is a “Disney-friendly” scary.) Mommy is out of the house for the evening.

What could go wrong?

Sometimes, the girls read more into something than I suspect:


Julianna (she’s 8): Merida has GREAT hair. Long and curly and reddish. Like Mommy.

Me: Yes. And, she’s Brave. Like Mommy, she is very Brave.

Isabella (she’s 6): And, she has a Fa-China. Just like Mommy. A Fa-China.

Me: Oh. Wow… Really?

Iz: A Fa-China. Right? (Matter-of-factly). She has one. Right?

Me: (Off balance.) Well, yes. I suppose. Though, it wasn’t made in China, I’m guessing. But…

At least, I correct her pronunciation.

Julianna: And, Daddy has a pennies!

Iz: Hahaha! Pennies! A penny is only one cent.

Me: Oh God. Not really the word. Value to be determined… (Damn the exchange rate!)

More pronunciation correction.

(Birds and Bees discussion is imminent.)

At the end of “Brave…”

Both girls: Hahaha! The three naked brothers are coming back. They’re naked!

We have some ‘splaining to do… But, I won’t be adding my two cents. I need to keep all the pennies I can.

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