Oh… Blue Fish

The girls are off to the their room. One is watching some gawd-awful TV show on the iPad, the other is trying to read a book.

Mommy and Daddy are relaxing on the sofa.

Then, the screams….

Child 1: Aaaaah! I hate you!

Child 2: You hit me! I hate you!

Me: Crap….

Walking to their room, I discover the girls are in some sort of mortal combat. Naturally, my first response is:

Me: Don’t break the iPad! Are you Crazy?!

Child 1: But, She…

Child 2: But, She…

Me: I don’t care. Just… Stop. Fighting! Can’t you help each other?

Child 2: The word is “blue.” Not “Boo.”

Child 1: Oh… I see. I missed the “L.”

Peace at last.

Minutes later.

Child 2: Ow! You hit me!

Child 1: It was an accident!

Child 2: No, it wasn’t. I said Boy! Not BOO!

Crap. Damn. Here we go again… I’m still on duty, so… Again… Girls!!

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