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So, the lovely, talented and smokin’ mother (not just my opinion) at our little blog (let’s call her, um… Lynn) and I are off to our annual Academy Awards party. I’ll be posting about that later, if you can keep your eyes open. (You know, the usual: Hollywood elite, Beverly Hills, the rich and famous, beautiful people, 48-time nominee John Williams, free champagne. Oooo… Leonard Maltin. Blah blah blah.) I won’t bore you now. Details to follow.

No. Today’s installment here at the Fun Time centers on the sheer Joy of the daughters preparing to head out for a sleep over! The excitement in the house in palpable. Isabella (she’s 6) began packing 4 days ago. Julianna (8) can’t decide what to wear.

J: I can’t decide! My yellow dress with the pink flowers? Or, my pink dress with the yellow flowers?

Me: It doesn’t matter!

J: I can’t decide!

A week of indecision.

Going back a couple of days, Lynn was talking with her very dear friend (actually, hot “big sister”) Gretchen about our little party. Long story short, Gretchen offered to keep the girls overnight. It’s a decision I suspect Gretchen is probably regretting as I type these words. (Yeah, to you, they’re cute and funny. Real life paints a much different, darker, yelling-er picture. Just sayin.’)

But, as we are getting everything ready to drop the kids off at Gretchen’s, Isabella has a devilish look in her eye (not her normal I-Am-the-Devil look, but something… much more sinister.)

Iz (with an odd, grimacing smile): You and Mommy will be all alone tonight.

Me: Yes. Should I be concerned?

Iz: There won’t be any kids around.

Me: You’re sounding a little creepy.

Iz: So… (the pauses kill me)… Tonight… You and Mommy… In bed (she nods, demonically)…

Me: Crap! What have you seen?! Who have you told?! How much is this going to cost me?! Are there drones?! Tell me, little girl!! Tell me now!!

Iz (regaining her deceptive “happy, pleasant” face): No, Daddy. There won’t be any kids sticking their feet in your faces tonight. Hahaha! We’re having a Sleep Over! It’s Sleep Over Time! Yay!!! Where’s my Pillow Pet? Oh, there it is! Hahaha!!

Please visit Gretchen’s blog. Really good stuff:


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