Come Sail Away…

So, I spent most of the afternoon watching aging rock stars performing on the Palladia channel. Foreigner. Styx. Journey. The Kinks. The Who.

Lynn (the Mommy here at the Fun Time) asks: Are these even the original people in the band?

Me: I don’t know. I doubt it. Definitely not him.

Lynn: The bass player? The drummer? … The original singer? They look old enough, but come on.

Me: I know.

An idea is hatched:

I look old enough! If I wait long enough, maybe I can become a Beatle. You know… The Quiet One.

2 thoughts on “Come Sail Away…

  1. I know you didn’t ask but I do know the answer…. well mostly, and I won’t even look at Wiki…. Foreigner, the only one left is Mick Jones (the old guy on guitar). Everyone else is new. The bass player used to play in the 80s hair metal band, Dokken. Styx, Tommy Shaw and J.Y. Young (both guitars) are the only consistent original members. Dennis DeYoung was ousted a while back. The original drummer, John Panozzo died many years back of basically alcohol. His brother, Chuck, is the original bassist. He plays with the band on some tunes. He was diagnosed with HIV a while back. The guy who plays most of the bass is Ricky Phillips (late of the Babys and Bad English). The Kinks, I don’t know who all is left, obviously Ray. But Dave retired a while back. The Who, well that one’s easy, Roger and Peter are the only ones left alive and in the band. The drummer is Zak Starkey, son of Richard Starkey…. better known as Ringo Starr…. Yes I know waaaaaayyy too much of this….um, stuff.

    • Hilarious and informative, Dave. Yes, I didn’t ask… but, I love the back stories. Always watched VH1’s Behind the Music.

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