Stripper Pole-ster

Julianna (you’ll remember, she’s 8): Dadda, when I grow up, I want to be a firefighter.

Me: That’s great, Sweety. But, it’s very dangerous.

J: Yeah, but mostly, it’s because I love the pole that they have.

Me: The pole.

J: Yeah, but, it’s dangerous. But, I do love that pole!

Julianna begins to rethink her career choice.

J: Dadda. Are there any other jobs that have a pole?


Me: Well. I can think of a couple. But, firefighter is going to be your best bet. Unless you want to change your name to Allysin Wonderlyn.

J: You’re weird.

(she walks away.)

Me: Firefighter, Honey. Good choice. Less danger.

(And yes, this is a true story. Good Sunday morning to you, too.)

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