So, the President got himself in trouble the other day when he referred to California’s Attorney General as “by far the best-looking attorney general” in the country.

Kamala Harris.  I can't wait to be subpoenaed

Kamala Harris. I can’t wait to be subpoenaed

Anyway, some people were offended by that, so he apologized. (Funny, I don’t remember anyone apologizing to Janet Reno.)

Remember her?  Hell.  Will Ferrell made a killing off of her.

Remember her? Hell. Will Ferrell made a killing off of her.

So, hoping to not offend anyone, I am revising my own personal compliments policy.

Dear Women Friends,
I will no longer be able to tell you that you look nice, or your dress brings out the color in your eyes, or that I love what you’ve done with your hair, or that those boots are smoking hot. Although I will be thinking it.

And, Ladies, I think that it is best if you continue your policy of not telling me what a gorgeously handsome and super-sexy man I am.

Although, I will be thinking it.

2 thoughts on “Compliments

    • Hey, Bug…. First of all, let me say that I love your shoes. Sexy, but not trampy. Did you lose a few pounds? I’ve never seen you looking better. I can’t tell what I like more: You walking toward me… Or, walking (slowly) away.

      You see… This is why I have to institute my new non-compliment policy. Because, I am a real Human Resources (i.e. the wife) problem waiting to happen.

      By the way, we’ve never met, right?

      (But you’re totally hot when you’re surfing the web…)

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