Pass the Midol

From today’s Epic hour-long meltdown by a five-year-old… Further evidence that this whole parenting thing is turning me into a chick…


A Parent’s Credo (by me):

I will hold you when you cry.
I will sing to you when you scream.
I will whisper to you when you yell.
I will reason with you when you are irrational.
I will kiss you when you kick.
I will protect you when you are a danger.
I will hug you when you hit.
And, I will Love you when you Hate me.

Then, I will go to bed and cry.


Projecting forward:

I will pay for your college education.
I will stomach your boyfriend.
I will stomach your girlfriend.
I will celebrate your graduation.
I will finance your apartment.
I will help you “find yourself.”
I will indulge your tattoos.
I will call the mechanic.
I will get you on your feet.
I will respect your decisions.
I will help you become the woman you were meant to be.

I will be your father.

Then, I will go to bed and cry.

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  1. I love this. How have I not seen this before? How do I “share ” it? There should be a Facebook, Twitter, etc. button so I could share the post on my wall.

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