There are 6 sausage links left over from yesterday.

I take them out of the fridge, and, like a shark smelling blood in water, Isabella (the six-year-old) appears out of nowhere.

Iz: Daddy, what’s that?

Me: Sausage.

Iz: Ooo! Can I have some?

Me: Well, you can have two.

Iz: But, that means you get four. That’s not fair.

Me: It’s fair enough.

Iz: Well, why don’t I get four and you get two?

Me: Because, I’m bigger than you. And, taller. I need more food than you.

Iz. Yes, you’re taller than me right now. Well, but… That won’t last long. Hahahaha!

Me: Smarty-Pants.

Ouch. A Daddy-Is-Short joke. Haven’t had one of those lately.

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