Apostrophe’s Matter, Apostophies Matter

Like most men, I don’t like constantly being trotted out like a show horse. What with the catcalls and the leers. I’m not just window dressing, here. I’m a real, live person. Especially, when I am taking part in some sort of store-front display. Seriously, this is my work, my craft.

Finally, one store manager has taken a brave step:

Do some people actually try on a Display's men?  How depraved.

Do, some people actually try on a Display’s men? Size? Fit? Comfort? Resilience?… Longevity? How depraved! Decorum, ladies, decorum.

So, please people. Respect the apostrophe. So that everyone will know what you mean to say. Instead of what you actually say.

(Hint: Plural is different than Possessive…. Also, I’m not a store-front model. Full disclosure. And, my resilience is dubious at best.)

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