Bachelor City. Day 6. Lesbian Shoe Shopping.

As most of you know, I am in the middle of a parental hiatus as my wonderful wife has stolen my kids to visit their grandparents on the East coast.

So, you might ask, how’s that going for you, Darren?

Funny. I find my browser is pointed to “Gorgeous Lesbians Go Shoe Shopping.”

I’m torn, Gorgeous Lesbians. What’s not to love? But I hate shopping. Especially for shoes. But, Lesbians…

I could blame Apple. Microsoft. Samsung. Probably Quicken. Maybe WordPerfect.

But, yeah, me. My fault.

You click a link. Then another link. Then Lesbians. Shopping for shoes.

I know that everyone needs shoes. And, I approve. Love me some lesbians.

But, why is this in my house?

Because I brought it.

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