Isabella (she’s 6): Daddy, do you have a hundred dollars?

Me: Well, not on me right now.

Iz: Do you have a thousand dollars?

Me: You mean, counting all assets? Encumbrances? Investments? Liens? Stocks? Fines? Bail Bonds?… Um, I suppose.

Iz: Do you have more money than Mommy.

Me: Well, Honey. Here’s how it works when you’re married: My money is Mommy’s money, and Mommy’s money is my money. We share all of our money.

Iz: Is that really true?

Me: Yes, unless you’re rich before you get married, then you get a pre-nuptual agreement.

Iz: So…, I guess I should get one of those, because I’m rich. I already have 61 dollars: 15 dollars from my birthday, 10 dollars from chores. 5 left over from Christmas. And the rest from the tooth fairy.

Me: Really? That much from the Tooth Fairy? You’ve only lost, like, one tooth. What is she thinking?

Iz: I don’t know. I’m only 6.

Me: Maybe I need to talk to the Tooth Fairy. Because, that seems a bit too much.

Iz: I’m still learning math.

Me: Yes, please. Math is SO important. But, I should talk to the lady with the wings.

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