Hi-Yo Silver

As most of you know, I live in Hollywood, and work in the Film/TV world. (Please, no resumés. I can’t help you. Really, I can’t. Sorry.) (Also, no refunds.)

I often work on the Walt Disney Studio lot in Burbank. So, I’m used to avoiding cameras and lights and key grips (they are actual people, and they’re pretty intense. Nice people. But, intense.)

At the time, I knew there were some Lone Ranger re-shoots happening on the lot during that week.

So, leaving my unassuming office in the shadows, I first noticed the security guard with the orange cones preventing my normal escape to the parking garage… Then the wardrobe ladies hauling their clothes racks past by me. Then, a Western cowboy wearing a mask walked right in front of me, almost running right into me.

Who was that masked man?

Oh, crap. I should know this…

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